Frequently answered questions

Tech details
What does Instant Mage do?
Instant Mage provides you with an affordable, one-click ecommerce platform that gives you a Magento web store without the cost for professional assistance and the need to work through its complexity.
How do I create a Website store?
Go to the Instant Mage Home Page and enter your email then follow the directions. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
Can I merge my current store into Instant Mage?
You can easily transition any store to Instant Mage.
Do I set up my products/services manually or can I create my store with data feeds?
Instant Mage supports manual or data feeds for product input.
Do I need technical skills in order to build my store?
Instant Mage was created for individuals who have no or little technical skills.
Can I try Instant Mage before committing to it?
Instant Mage offers a 14 day free trial period. The 14 day trial period begins when your email address is entered into our home page.
How do I ask a question not listed in this faq?
Instant Mage provides a form that can be used for questions. This form can be found in the FEEDBACK section.
What makes Instant Mage better than competitors?
Instant Mage gives you what no other website can. Instant Mage offers you the ability to easily set up a Magento Web Store without the high cost that other competitors charge and without the need for professional technical services.
How do I get a domain name?
You may purchase your domain from us at a discounted rate or you may purchase from another domain register.
Are your templates responsive?
All of our templates are fully responsive so that your site looks best on every device.
What other services are offered by Instant Mage?
Instant Mage offers marketing solutions from SEO to PPC we can handle it all. We also offer world class PBX and VoIP phone systems.
Can I offer gift coupons?
Instant Mage allows for the usage of gift coupons.
Can I customize my store?
Instant Mage comes with over 300 customizable templates. Instant Mage also has options for individuals wanting a complete customized store.
Can I offer sale items?
The instant Mage system allows for identification of sale items and for the beginning and ending dates for such sales.
Can I generate MAP pricing?
Map pricing can be set up within your store.
What if I decide to cancel my account, can I get a refund?
Instant Mage offers a full feature free trial for 14 days. Instant Mage services are non-refundable for both annual and month to month contracts.